About Us

It’s a serene, settled and happy center where all of my horses have been given the best to just be horses. They’re turned out in societal classes all winter, each and every moment! There’s forage accessible at winter turn out if a horse gets gloomy or hungry. Throughout the summer and fall, all of the horses stand outside 24/7 and come in for training or pampering etc..

The two sides to my center are the livery horses that we care for year-round on a whole livery foundation and you will find the in-house coaching horses. So far as caring for their horses, the owners often want support and care from myself and my team. I’ve got 1 livery that has worked here with me for 28 years this coming summer, Ali for 13 years, Jackie for 11 years to mention but a few! How amazing that they discover life in my center for their horses in addition to themselves so they don’t want to leave (particularly because my the place is swamped with livery yards)

The training horses usually do not go together with the livery horses to get turn out. I maintain the settled herds in different areas in order to not cause anxiety. I use my rescue ponies as companions for the coaching horses. Both are composed horses with quite different natures.

Jimmy is super calm and never ruffled, therefore, is ideal for fearful, nervous or stressed horses. He brings them to an amazing psychological area where they feel secure very fast. Polly Pony includes a high play drive and loves to be groomed and also groom others. She brings new horses to a caring manner, displaying amazing herd behaviors of mutual play, grooming, and fulfillment.

My true center area is found within a Plant hire firm, together with tractors and diggers and all of the paraphernalia that goes with them. It’s merely the most ideal setup for big traffic coaching in a really safe controlled manner. I use these vehicles to assist in the training of horses that are currently fearful or to get young horses to habituate and take large scary things as normal.

We do our best to get horses settled quite quickly. The areas are calm and the center itself is near the main road. Horses get to see village life while still being at a secure place and at a good distance.