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Welcome to the Image Equine horse training website. We specialize in the training of both horse and rider for equestrian excellence.

We have been in the equestrian business (offline) for over 9 years and we are finally on the internet.

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The part of a professional Horse Behaviour Advisor and Trainer is to assist owners in understanding precisely what is going on with their horse’s behavior and why it’s occurring. Owners are able to find problems through no issue of their own. Environments can cause fear behavior in horses and that which could escalate fast. The idea of Animal Behaviour and training is your path to follow since it’s an established fact – not mythology. It’s the execution of force-free horse coaching and favorable program which shapes a thriving future behavior.

There are lots of paths to pick from to have the ability to get my aid. I am able to spend some time through phone/ consultations to speak everything through and devise a strategy for future achievement. I do home visits to emerge and examine the surroundings, the direction and understand historical consequences.

We then begin on a bespoke coaching program. I do not leave till you’re entirely confident in the practice program and techniques needed. Horses can come into my lawn for coaching where I motivate the owner to be current as much as you possibly can because we will need to invest greatly in you also.